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About Us

by Ethos

ETHOS is an independent and voluntary association of individuals and groups that are actively involved in social changes and challenges in different parts of our world.

We are an intercultural and non-denominational organisational platform, open to all individuals and groups who wish to bring positive social change with honest intentions and peaceful actions in any part of our world. We unite our diverse backgrounds, joining our skills and combining our resources to promote equality and to help the sustainable evolution of humanity.

We care for the well-being of vulnerable children, youth and marginalised people, and we support their efforts to overcome social barriers and to create positive change in their life and in society. We target poverty and inequality through education and empowerment, and nurture solidarity through community activates that regenerate our social relations, our economy and our environment.

Our goal is to live in a peaceful world where all children can freely grow to their full potentials.

Our Actions

Since 2010, we support various community initiatives and innovative local solutions in India, particularly targeting poverty and economic migration through education, women’s empowerment and development of social cooperative economies. By bringing together skills and resources that enable local communities to develop capacity and means of production, we supported the creation of Aakriti Cooperative and the establishment of 2 garment production and training facilities in Sonepur and Balangir areas of Odisha state. Until today, over 2000 women have received free certified training, while the production and sale of clothes in the local market generate financial sustainability for the community, support directly the local cotton farmers and weavers and provide the ground for new micro-enterprises to grow. We continuously seek and support new community initiatives and innovative local solutions in India. In Athmalgola Patna, together with our local partner Parinaama, we are developing a social enterprise manufacturing low cost soap and plastic-free sanitary napkins which are affordable for low-income households and are at the same time generating employment and reducing poverty, unhygienic practices and plastic waste in the local community.

In 2015, as the refugee crisis escalated in Europe, we began developing our response through a local association in Greece and started to bring forward meaningful interventions that would equally support the needs of refugees, migrants and local vulnerable people in an ethical and empowering way. Since November 2017, we developed a protective co-housing program and facilitate safe shelter for homeless refugee teenagers, provide nutrition, psychological and social support, education and social activities as well as community links and support networks in Thessaloniki. We are also working closely together with several active communities and groups across Greece and throughout Europe, to facilitate the wider exchange of knowledge and sharing of good practices which combine sustainable co-housing solutions with social cooperative economies, and can generate income and social inclusion for vulnerable individuals and marginalised groups.

Our association is also developing social and educational activities that regenerate community relations and public spaces through social cooperation and community solidarity actions. Since 2018, together with the community of Pervolarides we maintain a social kitchen, urban gardening, beekeeping activities and share ecological methods of food cultivation and sustainable food processing. Based on the needs of the community and in relation to eco-sustainable practices, we provide adult education (both for locals and refugees) and facilitate training events and activities that create sustainability and employment possibilities (cooking, food processing, gardening and beekeeping). Together with people from diverse local and refugee communities, we plant the seeds for social innovation, cross-cultural synergies and unity in equality.

Our Values

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities for All.

ETHOS is registered as voluntary humanitarian association in Denmark since 2010 and in Greece since 2017. We are governed by constitution and steered by our members through the general assembly, which democratically elects a board of representatives responsible for the overall development and coordination of our activities. We are non-profit and economically self-sustained by our members, volunteers, friends and supporters.