Support life in Uganda’s largest refugee camp

by Ethos

Project Regesoil

Nakivale is a refugee camp located in Uganda, near the border with Tanzania. Nakiwale was established in 1958, and is the largest refugee camp in Uganda. It covers an enormous area and consists of approximately 74 established villages, providing an established home for more than 170.000 refugees from countries with conflicts, war, hunger and poverty. It is also the oldes and most established refugee camp in Africa. 

Unidos needs your support

Project Unidos wants to transform Nakivale settlement to a sustainable, self-sufficient community. This will be done through permaculture and sustainable farming. By improving the quality of the soil, and providing the community with knowledge and skills, the community can become self-sufficient and grow their own food. Sharing of knowledge and skills will also improve the water quality, create employment, improve education quality and create long-term improvement of life in Nakivale. 

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