Don’t Call Me Homeless

by Ethos

Don't Call Me Homeless - visit to Valencia, Spain November 2023

In a significant gathering of minds and hearts, the Ethos Humanitarian Association recently participated in the much-anticipated conference, “Don’t Call Me Homeless,” held in Valencia, Spain. This event, renowned for addressing some of the most pressing humanitarian issues of our time, became a platform for Ethos to showcase its innovative and impactful project on youth integration during the recent refugee crisis in Greece.

The conference, attended by a diverse group of NGOs, government representatives, activists, and scholars, focused on creating sustainable solutions for homelessness and displacement issues worldwide. Ethos Humanitarian Association, known for its proactive and compassionate approach to crisis management, was among the key participants.

Our presentation titled “Youth Rapid Integration” highlighted the unique challenges faced by young refugees in Greece. The project, initiated during the peak of the refugee influx, aimed at not only providing immediate relief but also at fostering long-term integration and empowerment of these young individuals into society.

Read more about our youth integration projects here:

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