Empowering communities of Greece

by Ethos

Empowering communities of Greece with knowledge on sustainable practices of commoning in housing and use of space.

Greece is currently taking the first steps in establishing cooperative spaces and co-housing projects. This project will introduce Greek associations and communities to a diverse spectrum of successful examples of cooperative spaces and co-housing projects, in order get accustomed to the mentality of collective strategic planning and decision making, and to support the development of knowledge and capacity in matters of system design and executive tasks.

Greek communities will receive inspiration and development tools in order to implement community-based models in the Greek reality. This will be done through a series of educational events, knowledge sharing and training activities.

Participants will explore different co-housing models and they will visit different successful communities and their cooperative projects. Participants will receive training in the form of courses on administrative, accounting, legal, fundraising and other technical issues that will support the development of the knowledge and key competencies they need for their projects.

This project is a collaboration between the Greek Network for the Right to Shelter and Housing, associations Ethos and Communitism and the German association Inwole.

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