Accommodation & integration of unaccompanied children that enter adulthood in Greece

Unaccompanied children that turn 18 need protection and appropriate support to ensure that their social, emotional and health needs are appropriately met. This includes food and safe accommodation, psychological care, access to education and vocational training opportunities and help in becoming economically self-reliant away from exploitation and criminal activities.

They need protection from discrimination and racism, and substantial support to develop life skills and healthy social networks. Taking under consideration the importance of a good start in adult life, the lack of safe shelter and the absence of targeted services for this particular target group, the project rational is to provide a safe environment for young unaccompanied minors that become 18, where they are supported to build their life based on their individual skills and interests.

Further to this, the project is designed to be easily expandable and to progressively free an increasing number of places from shelters and Safe Zones, which will become available to accommodate children that are currently homeless or living in detention.